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About Vorstellen Tech Pty Ltd

Vorstellen Tech is a progressive machining company that delivers customized manufacturing solutions. By leveraging India's value advantage in manufacturing and its skilled engineering resource base, we consistently offer quality products to a cross-industrial, global clientele.

Vorstellen Tech is a leading small-scale manufacturers of precision components and sub-assemblies. Combining high technology with efficient processes, we offer cost-competitive, batch-type production solutions to a national and international clientele.

The future of machining lies with companies that embrace new technology. By putting superior manufacturing processes to best use, Vorstellen Tech demonstrates its commitment to global standards of quality and precision.




Vorstellen Tech consistently upgrade equipment and skills from a quality perspective. From planning to part packaging, our aim is to look for new and better ways to enhance the quality of our product. Each job is well researched and appropriate measuring systems are put in place with consideration to form, fit and function of the part. Verification is carried out using CMM or vision systems, surface finish instruments and other metrology equipment. We employ relevant QC/QA tools with every order from contract review, process FMEA (Failure Modes and Effect Analysis), control plans to in-process inspections. Additionally, we regularly monitor our instrument and operator effectiveness through MSA (Measurement System Analysis).

Our focus is on implementing quality initiatives to reduce operating costs, optimize yield and thereby, increase asset and resource productivity.

Specialised and functional gauges are also developed for specific parameters per customer requirement.